Saturday, November 19, 2005


I'm here at home for a few months enjoying the slow life at Quest. After returning from Australia things were nice and quiet here, but they are starting to pick up again thanks to some gorgeous summer weather that just doesn't want to quit...even now in mid November.

We've had a couple of fun events here over the last month or so. The first weekend in November we had Quest's 10th Anniversary Party and fly-in. Lots of people showed up for a mini competition, barbeque and poker tournament. Everyone had a blast and Bo went home with all everyone's poker money!

Tammy Burcar is visiting here for a few months and she organized the first all-girl "formal" fly-in. We dressed up in our evening gowns and ran around the field looking pretty silly waiting for conditions to improve. Finally late in the afternoon it looked decent so we all took off in our dresses, each with bouquets taped to our uprights for the bouquet drop. It was great fun and I'm sure we'll have to do it again soon!

Fly Girls

Best Dressed Tug Pilot

I suspect there's no one that has been to Quest that doesn't know who the world's best tug pilot it!! It's Lisa of course - anyone who hasn't had a chance to fly behind Lisa, give a it try and you'll see what I mean! I don't think this girl can give a bad tow, period! (ok, ok, I know, I am her biggest fan!)

Nancy Smith Raring to Go!

All Dressed up and Nowhere to go (but up!!)

My job....ground crew ;-)

Darien - Looking so Grown Up!!

Right to Left - Judy Leden, Russel Brown, Judy's Man, David Glover

World's Best Tug Pilot