Monday, October 13, 2014


...of more dune days again.  Just a few weeks till Rainbow Beach!   I can't help watching Kathryn's video again.

Friday, October 03, 2014

Meet Charlie

I bought myself an early birthday present a couple weeks back and I've finally had the chance to fly it here at the Team Challenge.  Spending the summer traveling with Kathryn and Jorj watching how much low stress fun Jorj had flying her Malibu made me realize I needed a fun, easy toy for those boating around, going nowhere kind of days.  

My new Falcon 4 (named Charlie since he came from the Wonka factory ;-) flies sooooo sweet.  I've had four flights so far and the unbelievably easy handling along with zero stress landings just make me go "ahhhhhhhhh" every time I fly it.  Other than flying at Rainbow Beach last year, I don't ever remember a time when my heartrate didn't go up - even just a little - during landing.  I love cruising around the sky not getting the least bit nervous about landing - even in small places.  

Thanks to Tom for letting me be a poser and copy his lovely seagull design and thanks to Tim Cocker for the beautiful photos of my first flight.