Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Failure to Launch

With 20+mph east wind at the field, we were sure the beach would finally be doable. We loaded up a few old floaters, a knee-hanger harness and a short tow rope (just in case) and headed out there. Stumped once again :-( But we had fun trying.

The chain gang.

Gary didn't do much worse, even without a glider.

Finally, they were able to get Dustin relatively high...still not enough wind to soar the condos though.

Of course the locals didn't seem to have any trouble. 

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another Great Party at Paul & Lauren's

High wind again yesterday so no task.

The Brits presented the US team with a small token of their affection.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dream Day

Those of us that have been dipped in the sissy sauce were quite unhappy with ourselves yesterday. The forecasted wind was quite high, but we all set up and headed to the south end. Dustin was first to launch but wasn't climbing so quickly and was blowing downwind in a hurry. Feeling discouraged that he wasn't climbing and because the wind was so strong, several of us bagged it before we should have. The Brits launched just after 1:30 and in no time they were on their way. Wayne and I raced after them in the car as quickly as we could and were tickled to arrive just as they were setting up to land on the beach. Giant party there and everyone was happy! Before yesterday there this flight had only been done twice - once by Bo and once by Cracky.

Looks like Dustin smoked them all, coming in about 10 minutes ahead of Carl. But, the American team had just two pilots in goal with the Brits getting all four in. That should put them into the lead for the team competition. Bret had his personal best flight yesterday (176 km) coming in a few minutes after the lead gaggle and before Paul. We found a nice seafood restaurant and celebrated all together before the long drive home.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Beach Goal...

...and everyone is happy!!


It seems the Brits are preparing to lodge a protest over yesterday's task. They're just waiting for a reply from a former teammate on how best to word it. Apparently a certain American pilot was towed three quarters of the way to the turnpoint and released about 10,000ft (see OB's blog

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Flyer Cup - Official Scores Day 1

Davis has finished scorekeeping for today's task and I apparently had it all wrong...what's new? Only the top 3 pilots from each team score. So, here's the latest:

Dustin Martin - 947
Carl Wallbank - 802
Jeff O'Brien - 770
Gary Wirdnam - 448
Dave Shields - 377
Davis Straub - 201

USA - 1918
GBR - 1627

Talk is that we'll go southwest toward Sarasota tomorrow!

My First Win

Ok, there weren't many of us, but I was the overall winner of the women's division in my olympic duathlon on Sunday. Busy day all around. After racing there was just enough time to race home and shower before racing to the airport for the Carl and the rest of the Brits and racing back to the coast to catch the shuttle launch!

Monday, March 02, 2009

The Agony of da Feet

It's the day after my first marathon and my legs are quickly starting to recover from yesterday's self-inflicted torture. Funny, when all is said and done, the one emotion I feel more than anything else is disappointment. Thankfully, the disappointment is coupled with hope. Having never done this before, no matter how many times people told me that the last 6 miles would be killer, I really had no clue just how bad I would feel until about 10am yesterday. Over the past two weeks I had become what turns out to be unrealistically optimistic about what kind of time I could pull off. Somewhere after about mile 15, that optimism started turning to disappointment when the 4 hour pacer slipped away and the 4:10 pacer passed me by, then the 4:20. I began to realize I wouldn't come close to the finishing time I had hoped for.

The great news is that going so slow the first time around means that next time can only be better ;-) I'm starting to see that long distance running is something like childbirth (in more ways that one) in that somehow, after a bit of time has passed, we start to think that no matter how bad it was, we want to go through it again. As quickly as I could get out of the rain after finishing, I sent a text to Carl saying "If I ever tell you I want to do this again, shoot me, right then and there." I felt that way for about an hour before I starting wondering if there was a decent marathon around say...December??

I'm really happy I finished. I'm not at all happy with my 4:31 time. I'm extremely grateful to friends and family that endured the complete crap weather - 20mph wind and sideways dumping rain to see me limp across the finish line (less than a meter ahead of a women that was a foot shorter and easily 2 feet wider then me). Timothy was my knight, driving the course with me the day before, telling me how it was going to feel at particular points, running with me at miles 6 and 12, then going the last 5 miles across the finish line in the worst of the rain and wind....all the while trying to tell me good stories to keep my mind off the pain. Thanks to Paul and Lauren also for braving the weather and screaming like crazy people at the 26 mile mark - what better friends could you ask for then those that would drive 3 hours to stand in the pouring rain and see the last 5 minutes of a long and boring race? And a very special thanks to the best parents in the world who tell me how great I am no matter how badly I do.