Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Bit of Begging

The 2013 worlds are being held in Forbes, Australia this coming January.  I have a rare opportunity, along with my teammate Linda Salamone, to participate in this competition along side the men (woo hoo!! ;-).  Because there is no separate women's world championship this year, the organizers of the Forbes worlds are allowing teams of five men, plus two women.  So, Linda and I are going to Forbes along with the US men's team!!

As you can imagine, the expense of traveling to Australia with all of our hang gliding equipment is huge.  Linda and I are working on several fund raisers for the team, the first of which is the sale of these cool commemorative t-shirts.  We've had great support from Flytec USA (as always!) and expect some help from the Freeflight Foundation as well.  But we're hoping to offset some of the expense by selling these great shirts designed by Rick Brown (thanks Rick!!).  They're high quality shirts in two colors and styles (men's and women's) and they make the perfect gift for pilots, soon-to-be pilots, drivers, wives, girlfriends, mistresses, etc.  

So, please support your US girls team and click on the link below to order a shirt or two (or three).  Order early and often because when they run out....well....when they run out, I guess will just print up more ;-)  In exchange for your order, I promise to continue blogging and tweeting and Facebooking all the juicy gossip and details about the hang gliding world and specifically the world championships in Forbes.  

Thanks in advance for your support!  Click HERE to order.  

Monday, July 02, 2012

Peaceful Easy Feeling

I love waking up in a place where I'm a bit of an outsider.  I've always loved it and I can't really explain why.  Maybe it's because I feel like it's something of an adventure...I don't know.

For the first time in nearly ten years, it's summer in the northern hemisphere and I'm not in Europe.  It feels kind of odd sometimes when I hear about all the flying my friends are doing in the heart of the summer.  But, I'm not at home, I'm waking up each morning to winter in Australia, spending the short days riding the cool new bike Glen bought me, watching him catch lobsters then cooking them up for dinner, doing a bit of winter flying in the Hunter Valley, a lot of running along the hilly paths and just having a generally quiet and cozy time.

The last few days have particularly warm, so Glen had a little surf the other afternoon.  The waves are only slight bigger here than at home ;-)