Thursday, April 30, 2009

First three in goal
Little Zhenya

My sweetie looks so fast!
Uncle Rhettski doing what he does best.

OB - Mr. Colorful

Goal Task 3

I finally managed to beat the boys to goal today. Just in are (in this
order) Jonny, Andre, Glen and Dustin.

Two F15's just flew straight across goal at a few thousand feet!!

Task 2

Another windy but lovely day in south Florida. The boys seem to be getting faster by the day. I sped north at a hundred miles an hour to try to make goal ahead of them, but lost the race again. Dustin is on fire and blazed through the course yesterday, winning the day and getting a bit closer to Andre in the overall standings. Andre came in second with Jonny third.

Yesterday's goal was great fun for the retrieve drivers - no road in...oops. We drove around trying to get in from all directions only to give up and start hoofin' it in the end. Chris Zimmerman made a wise choice, thermalling up at goal and continuing on to the beach.

The Dream Team has taken a significant lead in the team competition. All but one of them was at goal yesterday (Glen got extremely airsick and landed short after nearly losing his vision altogether). Davis had a bad day and landed inside the start circle.

Little Zhenya from Russia is having a great meet. Had her personal best flight yesterday, missing goal by just 8 km. I'm crossing my fingers for her today. She's getting some great training in and special training tips from Jonny and is shaping up to be a great pilot!!
Today is yet another windy one, with a fair bit more development. We're heading the same direction, but a bit further at 145km.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Andre Wins the Fast Task

Andre was his usual speedy self, flying the task in just 53 minutes yesterday! Dustin was just over a minute behind him in second, with Glen rounding out the top three for the day.

Glen was just tickled to finally have a task yesterday - did his best gay ballet impression.

Looks like a 129 km task for today, although the winds are a bit stronger than yesterday so there is some concern.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Task at Last!

The wind is still blowing like stink around here, but it could be a tad lighter than the last several days. I think more than anything people are just getting antsy and more willing to fly in anything after playing tourists for the last 3 days. They've called a 75 km task in the only real direction we can go at the moment and as I type Rhett is up in the dragonfly checking out the winds aloft.

The sky looks lovely.

Keeping our fingers crossed.....

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Can I Dock?

The first day of the Rob Kells Memorial competition started off with very high winds. They cancelled the task nice and early and we all went out to the river for a bit of canoeing and gator hunting. The folks at the shop renting the canoes told us it wasn't worth the time because the river level was lower than they had ever seen it. But, with little else to do, we opted to go for it anyway. Not nearly as many gators as last time, but we did see a few little ones.

We're hoping for better weather tomorrow, but most are doubtful. Looks like another windy day :-(