Monday, February 25, 2008

Bo's Wedding

Hard to believe, but true! 

This is happening more and more all the time and some small part of me starts to feel like maybe I'm missing something. Ha ha....then a millisecond goes by and I'm over it ;-) But seriously, I do start to worry that soon I will be the only single person I know and none of my buddies will be able to go fly with me because they will have to be home with their wives and kids. I guess it's part of growing up, but it's the part that's gonna miss me. My last hope, of course, will be Dustin and Jonny and I fear someday we will be the only pilots left ;-)

Bo's wedding was great fun though. The hang glider pilots huddled together in the corner and tried not to be too disruptive. Janna was beautiful and Bo looked genuinely thrilled to have her.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

CIVL Meeting in Manzanillo

It was a rough week. I traveled the hour plus drive to the coast and spent some glorious days on the beach in Manzanillo. My excuse was the CIVL plenary, but I really had nothing to do with that other than enjoying seeing some old friends there.

Rented scooters and explored the first two days. No doubt this is considerably more dangerous than hang gliding and I was sure more than a few times that I would be run over.

It's really hard to think of leaving here at the end of the week. I've fallen in love with so many things about this part of Mexico and I only hope Mateo and Meri decide to settle down here so I can come back on a regular basis.

For the last few days, the CIVL wives club let me tag along with them. We shopped, gossiped, burned our skin and drank too many gin and tonics on the beach and generally had a great time.

From left to right here are Sheila (fiance of the CIVL president), a sweet girl who is the wife of the representative from Iceland (and whose name I would butcher if I attempted to spell it), me, Daphne (girlfriend of the Dutch representative) and Amy Zieset (wife of US representative Jim Zieset).

The resort was a nice fairly quiet place on the side the hill overlooking the bay. The stairs up and down to the beach, the internet, the tienda and the breakfast room got rather tiring after the first day or so, but the view was worth it.

Here's Daphne again.

Friday, February 01, 2008

I can't think of any better place in the world right now...

Here are a few more pictures from Mexico- it seems Google is only allowing me to upload about two a day. I'm really loving Colima and already thinking maybe coming home on the 14th is just too soon ;-)

This is my dad and Meri's dad sharing some fit right in down here, he looks just like one of them ;-)