Monday, February 25, 2008

Bo's Wedding

Hard to believe, but true! 

This is happening more and more all the time and some small part of me starts to feel like maybe I'm missing something. Ha ha....then a millisecond goes by and I'm over it ;-) But seriously, I do start to worry that soon I will be the only single person I know and none of my buddies will be able to go fly with me because they will have to be home with their wives and kids. I guess it's part of growing up, but it's the part that's gonna miss me. My last hope, of course, will be Dustin and Jonny and I fear someday we will be the only pilots left ;-)

Bo's wedding was great fun though. The hang glider pilots huddled together in the corner and tried not to be too disruptive. Janna was beautiful and Bo looked genuinely thrilled to have her.

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