Monday, April 30, 2007

Meat and Three

I learned what a "Meat and 3" was when I lived in Nashville many years ago. But, anyone who isn't from the south would have no idea. It's a southern restaurant where you order one meat item and 3 side dishes (or in Jonny's case, it's just a 3). Here we are at the Kountry Kitchen having lunch....and there are a few other pictures I liked.

Keeping up with the Boys (NOT)

A few people joke that I'm really a boy trapped in a girl's body. I proved them wrong today trying to keep up with the boys on the quadrunners. I need a shop vac to remove the dirt and small animals from my teeth.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Our Palace

Lazy Morning Blogging

Gabcast! Roadtrip #1 - Lazy morning blogging

Route Correction

GW wrote saying that we had driven within 2 miles of him at Talladega Speedway. It was only then that I realized the map I put up was wrong. We didn't go via Atlanta, but through Montgomery and Birmingham. Anyway, here's the real route.

Belle Bridge

Quite often I have these very peaceful, pleasant dreams. Many times they aren't about anything in particular. Sometimes they seem to play on for hours when in reality they are more just a single snapshot, but because there are so many thoughts and emotions wrapped up into them, they seem like they are lasting much longer than they really are. This morning I got up and went for a run in this small town of Columbus, Mississippi. We are in one of those old southern neighborhoods where the most of the houses have names. Ours is called Belle Bridge. It was build in 1856 and is just a block or so from Tennessee Williams' house. It's one of those houses with a room for everything and a fireplace in every room. Jonny wants to take a picture of himself in every room for his blog. It is exactly the house you imagine when you think of the South....giant white pillars in the front and a huge back porch that's pretty much just another living room overlooking a well manicured back yard. So anyway, I went for a run along a path that follows the Tom Bigbee River running through town. The temperature was perfect as the path was shaded by woods on both sides. I felt just like I do in one of those pleasant dreams. Nothing overwhelmingly happy or exciting, just a very peaceful contentment. I don't know what causes me to feel this way, but often I remind myself how lucky I am to be a manic without the depressive downside.

Today we'll take the boat out on the same river and look for sharks teeth. Apparently, about 33 million years ago the beach was in I guess a few sharks lost some teeth around here. We'll see if we can find some. It's nice to be with the boys.

Wild Adventure

Well pumpkin, if you can't be more careful, we're gonna stop keeping the gasoline in your room.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

On the Road Again

The Flytec meet and the big Race ended a few days ago and none too soon. I was more than a bit exhausted. The best solution, it seems, was to hit the road with two of my best buddies and absolutely no one to babysit or be responsible to. We spent today driving from Quest to Colombus, Mississippi where Chris' parents live.

The plan is to drive to Phoenix for Dustin's Santa Cruz Flats Meet. But, since none of us are particularly fond of that drive across the country, we decided to take a different route and see some parts of the country we haven't seen before. We will probably spend a few days here in Mississippi, visiting Graceland in Memphis, then we'll head out to Oklahoma City where we will meet a couple that is considering adopting me (Hyla and Mr. G). Next we'll drive to Santa Fe and pretend we are snooty, artsy types for a day before we finish off the drive to Phoenix.

I guess I should say something about the Flytec meets, but I just have zero energy left for that topic right now. I said to a few people that it was a bit like giving birth - at the moment, I can't imagine every organizing another hang gliding competition. But, I'm sure in another six months or so, I will have forgotten how painful the whole ordeal was ;-)