Saturday, April 28, 2007

On the Road Again

The Flytec meet and the big Race ended a few days ago and none too soon. I was more than a bit exhausted. The best solution, it seems, was to hit the road with two of my best buddies and absolutely no one to babysit or be responsible to. We spent today driving from Quest to Colombus, Mississippi where Chris' parents live.

The plan is to drive to Phoenix for Dustin's Santa Cruz Flats Meet. But, since none of us are particularly fond of that drive across the country, we decided to take a different route and see some parts of the country we haven't seen before. We will probably spend a few days here in Mississippi, visiting Graceland in Memphis, then we'll head out to Oklahoma City where we will meet a couple that is considering adopting me (Hyla and Mr. G). Next we'll drive to Santa Fe and pretend we are snooty, artsy types for a day before we finish off the drive to Phoenix.

I guess I should say something about the Flytec meets, but I just have zero energy left for that topic right now. I said to a few people that it was a bit like giving birth - at the moment, I can't imagine every organizing another hang gliding competition. But, I'm sure in another six months or so, I will have forgotten how painful the whole ordeal was ;-)

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