Thursday, December 30, 2010

Groundhog Day

It's looking like more of the same awesome conditions again today.  Like yesterday, they're calling for blue again, but with any luck we'll get some more of the nice 10 ups and another super high base.  Meanwhile, on the ground they're forecasting 103 degrees!  Thanks to Capt Vix for keeping us cool.  

No good deed goes unpunished

Note to self:  leave ex's in the hot sun, they can fend for themselves....stay in the cool air conditioning and have a relaxing dinner with friends ;-)

I want to have the same last dream again...

It surprises me that I can forget so quickly how exciting a competition in a new place is.  Every ordinary bit becomes an adventure, even sitting in a scorching, sunburned field, sweaty and dirty waiting for retrieve.  

Two flights down and hopefully 11 more to go!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Time to shortpack for Oz

....but sometimes the view is sooooo distracting.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Strapping on the Weight of Expectation

Why do I hate Christmas?  I've never been able to say exactly, but someone else put it nicely into words for me a few nights ago.  She said that around the holidays we tend to "strap the weight of expectation onto our shoulders."

We're supposed to be in a joyous and generous mood, surrounded by family and remember that our troubles will be miles away.  I'm generally always in a good mood, but being constantly reminded by the television, radio and signs all over the mall that the two people I want most to be with, aren't with me this time of year tends to put me in a less than joyous and generous mood.  I suppose I'd rather just be happy because I'm happy, without any sort of excuse to force it.

I've vowed that next year at Christmas I will be somewhere in the African jungle or perhaps in a Muslim country where I can just be happy and not constantly reminded that I don't have a husband and children to gather round the tree with on Christmas morning.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Last of Summer

Well I've heard more than a little whining about the turbulence and how long it seems to be lasting on my blog.  I guess this is the time of year when all is quiet for me and frankly, I'm not sure how interested anyone is in my slow life at home.

But, in my usual fashion, when the Commander asked "you wanna go?"  Of course, I couldn't possibly say no.  Where?....what difference does it really make?  Well this time it was a little cruise to the Bahamas.  I have never thought of myself as a cruise vacation kind of girl, but as it turns out, with the right group of people it can be great fun.

So the Commander, Maria and Bryce (son of the Commander) and I waived goodbye to Port Canaveral and set sail last week for Coco Cay and Nassau.

Aside from way too much food screaming out to you at every hour of the day, the ship itself was rather ordinary.  The most fun we had was subjecting ourselves to the 70+mph wind in the compression zone on deck the first night.
....and of course, formal night where the Commander impressed everyone with his dress blues ;-)

The Islands were great.  There's nothing more fun than a scooter on a tropical island.

We raced around the entire island of New Providence stopping just for good snorkling spots and conch fritters.  Bryce even found a wreck to dive ;-)

(And yes M&M, this is my photo ;-)....taken through the glass at the Atlantis aquarium)