Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Failure to Launch

With 20+mph east wind at the field, we were sure the beach would finally be doable. We loaded up a few old floaters, a knee-hanger harness and a short tow rope (just in case) and headed out there. Stumped once again :-( But we had fun trying.

The chain gang.

Gary didn't do much worse, even without a glider.

Finally, they were able to get Dustin relatively high...still not enough wind to soar the condos though.

Of course the locals didn't seem to have any trouble. 

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GliderMike said...

The locals rarely have any trouble. They (different locals) do that to us out here too. We'll be scratching, and they will be doing wing overs. They like to show off a lot. That is how they get fat.