Monday, July 10, 2006

With the French

After a few rainy days in Austria, we headed out to Laragne, France for the French Nationals. This is a part of France I had never seen and (like most places new to me ;-) its just beautiful. I don't know what I was expecting really- maybe something similar to Millau- but its much more mountainous than I thought it would be.

The competition is going well so far. There are pilots from Germany, Austria, Italy, the UK, Sweden, Norway and probably a few other countries too. But, mostly there are French guys. They are dominating after the first 2 tasks, but I fully expect those Austrians to catch up soon ;-) I hope to fly here tomorrow or the next day. Being the big chicken that I am, I'm a bit nervous about flying a Litespeed and so, like usual, everything has to be absolutely perfect before I can muster the courage to go for it. What's new.

Last night was the final match of the World Cup- France against Italy. With so many Italians here we figured it would be fun to watch the game with fans from both sides. The entire village of Laragne was out for the game with a big screen in the town square, a small marching band and everyone with French flags painted on their faces. If anyone doesn't know yet, Italy won.

I'll post some random pictures soon.

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