Friday, February 02, 2007

How to Have Fun Getting Whiplash!

At the Florida Mall in Orlando someone has come up with a great way to get really hurt. Inside a shop called Adrenaline, they have built an indoor surfing simulator. You surf on about 4 inches of water that is moving very fast across a somewhat padded (clearly not padded enough) "wave". Since I don't surf, I don't know how close it is to real surfing, but it sure is a blast.

Because we haven't had the best winter flying weather, we've been having to find new ways to entertain ourselves. This was a good one and I hope to get back there again as soon as I'm over the concussion and the neck spasms stop ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,

this is my very first contribution to your blog. I knew about it (and eventually about you) because our common friend Tim Ettridge sent an email to me with a link to your web page.

So first, congratulations for your funny, interesting, colorful blog and for to share all those splendid moments with us.

Second, a really brief introducing: my name is German, I live in north Spain next to the french border, and I do practise surfing.

And finally, the actual reason to post this message: I do have some comment to do (that's the purpose of a blog, isn't it?).

You said: "Since I don't surf, I don't know how close it is to real surfing". Well, I can tell you, it has nothing to do with real surfing. Sorry, it sounds a bit extreme but it's absolutely true.

Problably that indoor "activity" is much more dangerous than a real 6 feet wave taken over a sharp coral reef rounded by a group of poorly feeded sharks. I would never dare to ride a wave over ¡¡4 inches!! of water.

If you come any day to Spain, I'll be very glad to lend my board to you to check the difference personally. ;-)