Friday, September 07, 2007

Brasilian Independence Day

I had great company on retrieve today. Gugu's beautiful and very very sweet wife Simone is here for the final days of the competition. She's getting a lot of footage for Gugu who puts together really nice videos - he is working on one from the worlds now.

Another busy day at the Esplanade. Today is Brasilian independence day and the city is hopping! There was a parade this morning, which we of course missed because we were out at launch. But, from the looks of the goal field today, everyone stuck around after the parade to watch the gliders land. Nene came in first, but that's about all I know on the order. I'm doing a terrible job with the lineup each day because I'm not able to arrive before they do. So, better to get results at the official website at At this point, I think it is a very close race for first between Nene and Andre.

Here's Jonny doing a one handed launch today.


GliderMike said...

Jamie, you are doing a great job letting everyone know what is going on. With the "leading" points, it is extremely difficult to know the results until everyone is in. Keep up the good work.

Gerrrolf said...

yes, great job. If there where more naked girl pics on display we - the rest of the moyesboys back here in Europe that is - would be even more thankful;) G.