Friday, November 02, 2007

Day 2

....rain, rain, rain. Not exactly downpours, but enough that my instruments were wet and my gloves were eventually drenched from trying to keep my goggles semi-clear. Not enough to stop many from flying the course anyway. I didn't like the poor visibility, so I landed along with a few others thinking the day was cancelled. Turns out it wasn't, but would later be cancelled by the Meet Director (I think - it's hard to tell for sure around here ;-)

If for some reason it isn't cancelled, Mike Glennon won the day on his Litespeed. According to Dustin, his gps coverage went out at the start and again at the first turnpoint, so he didn't want to chance not getting them and flew further than he needed to and this enabled Mike to pass him up.

Still no scores, but tomorrow is the last day and tomorrow night the prize-giving, so I guess we'll have scores then.

Here's Joe Greblo riding shotgun to launch!

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