Sunday, November 02, 2008

Isn't it a Lovely Ride...Sliding Down, Gliding Down...

..try not to try to hard, it's just a lovely ride.

There is really no competition on the planet like this one. I have said before it's my favorite of the year, but it just keeps getting better and better. This year was a complete blow out. Raul went way above and beyond putting together this huge little event and I hate that it's over.

Dustin was first overall, Daniel Velez from Colombia was second, and Mike Glennon, also from Colombia was third. They're all going home with full wallets!

Raul promised Latin models and he delivered...even a few cute boys for me ;-)

There's an Ecuadorian tradition called Vaca Loco (crazy cow) where someone dresses up like a cow, attaches a bunch of fireworks to the costume and then runs around the streets while the fireworks explode. Here we had Raul as the Crazy Glider.

The grand finale of the prize-giving was an enormous fireworks display comig from a tower on the beach where we were landing each day.

I'm so sorry it's over now :-(

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