Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lone Scouting

I'm cruising around Georgia this week, checking out all of the possible airfields for this year's Rally.  I'm hoping we find our way to Vidalia, the sweet onion capital of the world.  Funny how you (or maybe just me) hear about a place and think for years that you want to go there...for no very good reason.  Vidalia is one of those places for me.  There are heaps more....totally random places and things.  I often wonder where those strange ideas come from, what the particular interest is in a place.  Dad would say the place doesn't matter, it's just the going that does it for me.  He could be right.


wind burns & earth turns said...

Onion caital !! Oh No !! I'll be flying all dosed up and a down tube full of smarties.

Nick Palmer said...
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