Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Five Reasons to Take up Archery

Although Damien hasn't been on his best behavior this week, he was back in tip top shape today.  Unfortunately, I'm not exactly in tip top shape and have been thinking perhaps archery is my sport.
I'm not sure what else to do as I seem to find a new and interesting mistake to make each day.  Only two days remaining and if I can't redeem myself, I'm sure Carlos will be finished with me.

Meanwhile, we're having better than expected weather overall.  Instead of the wind that has plagued this meet for the last few years, we've just had rain....plenty of rain, but thankfully most of it at night which leaves us getting in the air each day.   The landing fields are huge, but many are swampy, so we're having to steer clear of the "sparkly" fields.  The next two days are looking great though and the conditions for first day of the Rally might be just perfect.

1 comment:

olehere said...

Girl... you is getting skinny. Do not underpower your glider. (I guess you could carry some extra water.)

Hey, watch where you are aiming that thing.

(Looks like fun, have not shot an arrow in years.)