Saturday, June 12, 2010


Having a lovely time in Bassano.  Each day here is very flyable and we've had such a nice, lazy time cruising up the hill to launch in the afternoon.  It's really nice not to be in a rush and not having someone else dictate where you set up, what time you set up, what time you launch, behind whom you launch, where to go....and on and on and on.  Sometimes not being at a comp is a good thing.  Timothy arrived yesterday and flew with us today.  It's great to see him enjoying some airtime in his Malibu.  

Carlos leaves to go back to work tomorrow and I'll be on my own for a few weeks.  I'm not happy about it, but I suppose I'll survive ;-)  Here he is flying over an amazingly huge monument at the top of the big mountains behind launch at Bassano.   We were told it was a monument to the soldiers that died in WW1 - the Monument of 1000 Souls...or something like that.  

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