Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Mother of Invention

Aside from the booming Florida spring conditions, I can't imagine a nicer time to fly here than the fall.  Temperatures and humidity are down to very comfortable levels, thermals are fat and smooth and days are still plenty long for great cross country flights.  I came out for a weekend to remind myself of why I love this place so much.  After a summer of getting bounced all over the European skies, being back home is like heaven.

It's turned out to be a Wallaby in three (or less) kind of weekend.  Yesterday Mitch and I had a super fun little three climb jaunt down to Dean Still/33, then the Ranch with 5-700 ups and light winds.  Dustin and I decided to do it again today, but in order to keep up with him, I had to insist that he fly the training glider (Falcon with 2 ton landing gear permanently attached).   Boy is it fun to finally be able to kick his butt!  But, the most entertaining part of the 35 minute run down to the Ranch was the retrieve ;-)  We couldn't have looked more like the Clampets on the drive back.

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Nick Palmer said...

Those pix gave me a spooky "back to the past" feeling. They reminded me of when our first gliders didn't have foldable A frames (1976) and we transported our gliders back up the hill like this.

That's when a 100 foot ground skim down a sand dune was the height of expectations...