Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nefarious Ne'erdowell

You gotta watch out for the coppers in Skibereen.  Mom and I had to take this one on after he stopped us at a roadside checkpoint.  She managed to get him cuffed, I read him his rights and we stormed the castle!!


kathryn said...

haa hilarious photo!

Jamie Shelden said...

The WHOLE story is unbelievably funny Kathryn. We were trying to get to this old castle on the side of the hill when we went through a little, informal police checkpoint. We asked the officer how to get to the castle and he launched into one hilarious comment after the next...had us doubled over laughing. Then he offered to just drive us there. We arrived at the locked gate (the castle was private and closed off) and got out of the car and talked to him a bit more. He gave me his hat and mom his vest and Mom said, "have you got any handcuffs?" He didn't hesitate and handed them over to mom, who didn't hesitate to slap one side on him, then ask him to turn around and put his hands behind his back. He did it momentarily unti he realized she was really going to cuff him!! That was where he finally drew the line. You should have seen his face. We had a blast talking to him and taking pictures of the whole thing. It was one of those priceless experiences.

Jamie Shelden said...

Oh, the nefarious ne'erdowell comment was one of his. (we asked what they were looking for at the checkpoint). He was perhaps the most articulate funny men I have ever met.