Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Dude! She's not Worth it!!

My former father-in-law used to say (very sarcastically, of course - he had an amazingly good attitude) that "there's always something to take the joy out of life."  I tend to have the opposite view.  There's always something that can so quickly put a smile on my face.

Today's flight was complete crap.  The wind was again much stronger than I am comfortable towing in, so I waited (again) until late in the day when conditions appeared to mellow a bit.  The story of my flight will be as short as the flight itself -  Uncle Rhettski towed me up into the most beautiful 700 up right over the field.  20 minutes after topping out in that, after not hearing a single beep on my 6030, I was standing in a field just down the road holding my nose wires hoping I could keep control of the glider in the gusty wind while I waited for Mike to come get me.  

(On the really bright side, Kraig's moving the hangpoint forward one hole on my glider made a world of difference in the bar pressure and I was thrilled with the way it flew...and it still landed like a dream.)

But, the real highlight of my day, and the thing that brought my smile back was an incredible spectacle we saw driving out a little dirt road to retrieve Linda.  Right smack in the middle of the road we found two male kangaroos acting like they were on center stage at Caesar's Palace in Vegas, throwing punches and kicking in the gut mostly like two ultimate fighters - but occasionally like two drunk girls in a dive bar.  For some strange reason, I laughed hysterically the whole time. They eventually danced their way out of the middle of the road and paid no attention as we creeped the car closer and closer until we were right beside them.  I suppose it was that they looked like they were right out of a Warner Brothers cartoon....they just looked so animated and nearly human-like.  It was a fascinating and highly entertaining sight.   I didn't get any good kicking shots, but Mike got most if it on video on his iPhone. 


JackieB said...

That's awesome, Jamie! Definitely worth landing early to see the kangaroos!!!

Matt Christensen said...

Very cool experience, thanks for sharing it. I had a similar experience when I came across two big mule deer bucks that were locking horns in the middle of a residential district in Montana. They were so focused on each other, they didn't care where they where or who/what was around them. I watched them push each other around and tear up peoples landscaping for 20 minutes.

Good luck snd safe flights to you.