Tuesday, January 10, 2006

They said "California is the place you ought to be"....

So I loaded up the suitcase and I move to California....City that is!!

Ok, a certain dork was complaining that I hadn't updated the blog in ages and he was sick of seeing pictures of girls flying in dresses. So, here I am with nothing to say and very little to even show. The point of the blog was to post pictures of my travels for the family to see. Well, here I am with the family! I doubt they want to see pictures of it. So, I'll have to make some stuff up!

Anyway, California City isn't a total hellhole. The Mojave Desert is kind of cool if you can get a little bit outside of town. There are Joshua Trees all around. From the time I used to rock climb in Joshue Tree National Park (pre hang gliding, of course), I have always thought they were the most beautiful desert trees, in a bizarre way. Apparently they are native only to the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts. Here's a really nice shot of a Joshua Tree - not mine, I just found it on the internet.

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