Sunday, March 26, 2006

More Manilla Photos

They held the paragliding pre-worlds here a month or so ago, so the road is nicely graded (although still quite steep) and Godfrey completely covered the west facing launch with astro turf. It's really nice and if the flying is no good, pilots could have a game of extreme football.

I had a really great flight on Sunday - and that was very welcomed after such a bad flight the previous day. They guys called a triangle task to the west, south and then back to Manilla and I just had a couple of hours cruising up and down the ridge and back and forth into the valley. I'm loving the glider (mine isn't finished yet, but I borrowed Gerolf's) and I could nearly fall asleep in the new harness....its so comfy and cozy ;-) The landing field at Godfrey's leaves a bit to be desired though. I had one of the roughest, wildest landings of my life and until the last 5 seconds, I was sure I was going to slam into either a barbed wire fence or tree. I'll remember to land someplace else next time! Anyway, here is a shot of the landing field from above and some pictures of the nice launch.

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