Thursday, April 20, 2006

Nice Landings

We had so many in goal yesterday and it was great fun to watch. Many excellent landings (which wasn't much fun for the paparazzi ;-) and here is my favorite. Bruce from the UK came in with his zipper stuck. Thanks Bruce for calling out to those of us on the ground. I got the entire progression of him coming in fully prone at 5 frames per second. Can't post all the pictures here of course, but this is the grand finale. It was a perfectly executed belly landing!! (That's Oleg watching)

David told at the briefing this morning that yesterday was a first for the Quest crew (and pilots too, I suppose ;-). We had 85 competitors and exactly 85 launches. No weak link breaks, no relights. Pretty nice for those working so hard on the ground to get everyone in the air.

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