Thursday, April 20, 2006

Task 5

The task committee felt that they had completely undercalled the task yesterday, so they went for a slightly longer one today (although even then Davis worried that today would end up being undercalled too). The sky looks beautiful and we can see the convergence setting up to the west of us. They are out now doing a 79.3 mile square to the south and west. We're expecting the first of the rigids in in less than an hour with the top flexies close behind. It will be interesting to see if Brett and Jonny can finally get past Oleg ;-)

There's been some complaining of cloud flying going on on course. The problem is that those witnessing it aren't willing to actually report the offending pilot(s), so there's really nothing to be done. Jonny announced that he would be flying with his video camera today and filming anyone he sees cheating. Then Curt stood up and asked who was cloud flying. Of course, the offending pilot(s) wouldn't fess up, well, not all of them anyway. Bo immediately jumped up and said he was in the clouds yesterday. That got a good laugh out of everyone.

Here's a shot of everyone's favorite German, Joerg! David joked this morning that he is likely a serial killer, but no one would ever believe it because he's just so nice. He always has a smile on his face, even after a less than great landout/retrieve the day before yesterday. We love having him here.

I'll post the unofficial results from the Crackberry as the guys are coming across goal in a little while!

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