Saturday, July 07, 2007

Wasabi - International Duck of Leisure

Jeffo put Wasabi on a flight to meet up with me in Florida so that he could join us in Europe this summer. He has had a blast and most importantly, fell in love. He and Raine hit it off immediately and were inseperable the whole time we were on the boat. Although he developed a bit of a drinking problem, we really loved having him. Everyone loves chatting him up and having their picture taken with him.

The picture of a woman holding Wasabi is cool. Her name is Leni and she is the best waitress in the world- according to us! We stopped two different nights on the island of Zlarin at this yummy restaurant on the water. Leni was a sweatheart and Wasabi instantly took a liking and started flirting with her. We tried hard to convince her to join us for our lst few days of sailing but she said we were just too crazy for her. What's new!

Apparently, Wasabi has been out of his natural habitat for a bit too long because we learned that he can't even swim!!! Shocking! He did try a bit of snorkling, but the mask didn't fit so well over his beak.


jeffobrien4 said...

you guys are way to nice! Who knew that a duck who would travel the world can't even swim? Glad you're enjoying yourself. ~Cheers.

Germantxu said...

I absolutely disagree respecting Abi's drinking problems. I was there and see what really happened.

Poor Wasabi confesed to me, during our stop en Piskera island, that he really hated alcohol but he felt forced to drink beer.

- "Why?" I asked him, "if you don´t want to drink, just don't do it".

- "That's easy to say", he replied, "but, do you know what's the alternative way to beer or wine?

- "Certainly not", I answered, "What is it?"

- "Apple flavoured sparkling water", he said.

I didn't know what to answer him so I just smiled to him friendly. Poor Wasabi, condemned to get drunk just trying to run away of all those bubbles...