Sunday, April 20, 2008

Santa Cruz Flats

The few days before a competition starts are always the most fun for me. Pilots are excited and energetic and happy to see all their buddies. Although I've been crazy busy with organizational stuff, I'm enjoy this favorite time of the meet. Nicole, Mike and I finally made it through the last of our mechanical problems and into Casa Grande late Thursday night. Already the resort was hopping with enthusiastic pilots checking in to the resort and checking out the area.

Our dirt runway has sprouted some small grassy stuff since last year and it looks like the dust might be much more manageable this time around. Today's practice day launching was a bit chaotic, but everyone who wanted to, went up for a quick look at the desert surrounding our little oasis. Rob Kells is here with his trailer full of gliders for demo this weekend and it's great to have him. Kraig showed up with new gliders and sails for several people (including me!!!!!!). We have a giant crew of Brasilians, nearly every hang glider pilot from Canada, one beautiful Italian, a fellow German attorney and loads of Americans. I haven't done the final count yet, but we are somewhere in the 65 range, give or take.

This year's gang is slightly bigger than last ;-)

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