Monday, April 14, 2008

Things in this life change very slowly if they ever change at all....

...lyrics from one of my favorite songs. And, particularly relevant to me at the moment.

This weekend, I had my last flights with Damien as I've come to know and love him. In Arizona I get a new smoke sail for my baby and he will have to be renamed Damien II. While he may be the spawn of the devil, he has never lived up to his heritage and has been more like an angel from heaven. I'm so excited to fly again in AZ!

I have always thought that flying when I was in a really bad state of mind was a mistake. I discovered this weekend that it seems flying is the best cure (along with time, probably the only cure) for all that ails me lately. Like running, it is the most peaceful and reflective thing I do and I typically have most of my relatively few moments of clarity while in the air or hitting the running trail. I feel life changes coming and can't help but believe they are good ones.

I hate posts without pictures. So, speaking of changes, here's a baby picture for a girl with her mind in the gutter ;-)


Anonymous said...

look great, movie dinner?

Jamie Shelden said...

....laughing my ass off!

Anonymous said...

Word. Bring on change, scary as it might be ...but how exhilerating!!!!

BTW...great photo!! Not at all what I was thinking it would be ;)

Germantxu said...

Hey Blonde,

I feel the same when I'm sailing. I usually say that problems cannot follow me in the sea, but they're always waiting for me back to land :-(

Changes: what a simple word and how much it can mean. I could tell you about changes for days.

Lovely pic!!


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