Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dream Day

Those of us that have been dipped in the sissy sauce were quite unhappy with ourselves yesterday. The forecasted wind was quite high, but we all set up and headed to the south end. Dustin was first to launch but wasn't climbing so quickly and was blowing downwind in a hurry. Feeling discouraged that he wasn't climbing and because the wind was so strong, several of us bagged it before we should have. The Brits launched just after 1:30 and in no time they were on their way. Wayne and I raced after them in the car as quickly as we could and were tickled to arrive just as they were setting up to land on the beach. Giant party there and everyone was happy! Before yesterday there this flight had only been done twice - once by Bo and once by Cracky.

Looks like Dustin smoked them all, coming in about 10 minutes ahead of Carl. But, the American team had just two pilots in goal with the Brits getting all four in. That should put them into the lead for the team competition. Bret had his personal best flight yesterday (176 km) coming in a few minutes after the lead gaggle and before Paul. We found a nice seafood restaurant and celebrated all together before the long drive home.


GW said...

So Where did they fly to?

Jamie Shelden said...

Venice Beach!!