Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Coming back home was like going to jail....

never mind the wind
never mind the rain
never mind the road leading home again

Sometimes it's really hard to be home again. I've spent the last few weeks learning that they weren't lying- they do have a summer in the UK- and I got to enjoy all ten days of it this time ;-) It is sooooo gorgeous when the sun is shining and the flying is good.

My introduction to UK flying was at Llangollen (not pronounced at all the way it looks - those crazy Welsh). It's a small hill in North Wales where when conditions are good, you can go over the back on nice XC flights into the rolling hills. Day one Me, Myles and Shedsy headed south over the back for a 130 km goal a the Severn River. I only made about 60 kms before landing at the base of the Long Mynd (another flying site) but Shedsy made it and Myles was very close. Great day!!

We had a few more days of flying at Llangollen and hanging with my favorite second family. A little crickett, a little paella and heaps of mellow, relaxing flying. On the last day there, we all landed (including Carlos, who is finally back in the air again!) in the Kynaston's back garden.

On Sunday we went out to a coastal site south of Liverpool. It reminded me so much of the California coast and the many flying sites with landings on the beach. We were late in the day, so the lift was ultra light and smooth. Such a relaxing day.

It was painful to leave yesterday and a bit strange waking up back in Florida this morning where I don't have to bundle up to go outside, have no tea for breakfast and can wear my flippy floppys again. I suppose I'll get used to it.


Anonymous said...

Hey Maria...I'm glad you had such a great time out there and I hope it won't be too hard to be back home. I will send you a longer e-mail soon (great to see Carlos back in the game!). a BIG hug, M

Anonymous said...

And there I am heading back to the cold and leaving my flip flops in Florida because I know I'm not going to wear them for some time. Had a great week chillin at Quest and will miss the gang. Looking forward to some of that British soaring though and the pub after! Hopefully catch up in the UK soon!!! Steve