Monday, November 02, 2009

Finally a Race Day!!

We worried again about wind conditions yesterday when we woke up to the clouds overhead coming out of the east. Not good. Luckily, the first start wasn't until 4:30, so there was plenty of time for things to switch around. It was a gorgeous sunny morning and everyone was hanging out on the beach or by the pool. Just as it was about time to head up the hill the wind started looking better and better. By the time we got up there it was blowing nicely, just crossing a bit from the north (which also quickly changed to straight in) and the sky was the more usual overcast with cloudbase at about 1200 feet - perfect Canoa day!

The sport class all launched first as we had a 3:30 start. I decided to fly the sport class because the task is much shorter and I've been fairly sick the past few days. It was a good thing as I don't think I could have raced for 55 km. I finished the course then watched the big boys take the start and race along below me. It is an amazing site from above. They all look like they're on the verge of landing at any moment - they're sooooo low. All but Kraig and Alex took the first of two starts. Dustin was smoking fast as always - he knows this place so well. Shapiro came in second, OB third and Kraig and Alex fourth and fifth.

The publicity for this meet has been like nothing I've ever seen. The entire town (and then some) was out on the beach for the finishes and it was one giant party. We all packed up to great music on the PA that was set up for the band that played last night - yeah, another party all night. I wish all comps were like this one ;-)

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