Thursday, November 05, 2009

Last Days in Canoa

Back at home now and (as always) wishing to be back in Ecuador. Like every year, it was an amazing time packed with excellent flying, warm friends and great times. I think most all of the new pilots loved it there and will likely be back next year - along with even more new ones. Raul and Manino did a spectacular job with everything and I know we're all very grateful and anxious to come back next year.

The Wills Wing boys kicked butt with first, second and third place in the open class. But my Litesport dominated the sport class. Finishing 6 minutes ahead of all the U2's in the sport class over two days, I have a feeling there will be a few more Litesports there next year ;-)
So many good friends - it's hard to leave. Here I am with some of the Ecuadorian pilots.

Another fireworks display on the beach and a giant party after the prize giving.
Then we all packed up, drove back to Guayaquil and caught our flight home. Everyone's least favorite part.


Anonymous said...

Way to "kick butt" WW-Boys!!!

regis said...

hello from Ecuador I am a land team of some ecusroiran pilots, Jackson ,Pato ; mauricio; maybe you know they, i have some phots of you in the landing zone, nice blog, keep going