Sunday, December 27, 2009

Malibu Barbie Day at Cronulla

Perhaps they issued a few too many visas to Brits this season in Sydney, because it's been raining for several days :-)  Anyway, it's still lovely and warm here.  The flight over from San Francisco was the easiest Oz flight ever for me, thanks in part to my "upgrade pack" that didn't get me into business class, but definitely got me some royal treatment.  I left the plane with more bottles of wine than I could carry and a whole crew of very happy flight attendants.  I won't forget that trick anytime soon!

We headed out to Cronulla yesterday for some playing around on the beach with the Malibu's.  Apparently my brain didn't arrive with the rest of me yesterday, so I thought it best not to fly (I'm regretting that decision now as today is much rainier than yesterday).  But, I'm hoping for its arrival soon and maybe the skies will clear for another chance to Malibu today.

Kathryn is amazing on the sand dunes...I suspect she may have been a seagull in a former life. Needless to say, I'm envious!  The most I could do was basebar around on the top of the dune for a bit.

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Anonymous said...

So what's your little trick?