Monday, December 28, 2009

Move Over Damien....Make Room For Malibu Ken

Had my first flight on a Malibu yesterday and I'm in love...yet again.  This is the sweetest handling glider I have ever dreamed of.  I'll fly it again today and will write more...for now, must run to the airport and get my man ;-)


Anonymous said...

hey Maria! hope you made it well to OZ...I got stuck not doing much thanks to you guys!!! ha ha ha Therefore you'd BETTER have a good time!!!!
Say hi to Carlos and his friend...haven't been able to communicate....
hope to hear from you soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie:

Thanks for the pictures! "took me back to my visit with the Moyes boys in 2000! That was the trip that got me to New Zealand, We spent 2wks. in Australia then 2wks in Kiwi land and bought a house there. Come for a visit! "we love to host pilots from America.
Dave & Pam Kilbourne New Zealand