Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fun in the Wright Place

It was the 100 year anniversary of something to do with the Wright brothers - yes, I'm terrible, I couldn't even say what.  What I do know is that it was a good excuse to bring the USHPA board meeting to Kitty Hawk and an even better excuse to spend a few days out on the dunes.  I can't believe I had forgotten what a great tired feeling it is to come in from the dunes at sunset after spending the entire day out playing in the sand.

Kraig was kind enough to send us a Malibu.  Although the weather wasn't right for soaring, be got to pretend we were students again (and in some cases, be students again) and run up and down the dunes.  Once we tired ourselves out sufficiently, the PG boys showed up and we traded lessons.  We put both Rob and Nick in the air - well barely - and they returned the favor with some paragliding lessons.  What luck to have the two best (and hottest) pilots/instructors in the country!

Thanks to Ricker for the photos of me!!


Rachel said...

Looking at these pictures makes me realize I have not lived.

JackieB said...

Awesome, fun! How nice of Kraig, too. Do you have to return the Malibu? :)

I ran across Kraig, Brett, and James after they had landed out at the SCFR. My brother and I offered them snacks and helped put their gliders away. Kraig sure is a nice guy. All three were.

I'm sure you've lived more than yo give yourself credit for, but hang gliding is a pretty easy sport to get into, and the experienced pilots will be glad to help you out.