Thursday, September 29, 2011

Meet me in the summertime....we can move the air

Yesterday it seems, all at once, the summer finally came to an end.  This morning we all went different ways.  It was a sad site.  I will miss the time I spent with really good friends.

For our last day, we did a few really touristy things, starting with a giant hole in the ground - Meteor Crater - where we did what any good pilots would do, watched the birds circle and discussed how we might launch from the rim and thermal up over the hole.

.....then drove back to Phoenix via Winslow, Arizona where I just couldn't resist standing on a corner ;-)  They've made quite a corner here all from one silly song.  I had to play the song for Jochen who didn't really understand why I felt the urge to stand on a corner in this sleepy little town.

Wow, I'll sure miss the giant saguaro cactus and firey sunsets here.


JackieB said...

It's a pretty darn cool song, though! I did pretty much the same thing when I drove through LaGrange, Texas (looking for the shack outside LaGrange).

kathryn said...

wow! Cracking sunset!

GW said...

Hey now! Take it easy! It's not a silly song! :)

Linda Salamone said...

dammit-i can't even get a soul to go see jackson browne with me tonight here in rochester! :-(

Anonymous said...

Wild! And I know a couple by those very names. Okay, they were from a movie, but one has to wonder if Brian DePalma caught that reference at the time or did someone tell him that your characters are both from Arizona!

Or, also befitting the same movie, but a different song. "By the time I get to Phoenix, she'll by crying!" I don't think Winslow wrote that one, but it would have worked if he had! If anyone here is a Phantom of the Paradise phan, and also knows about creating you tube type vids, would you be willing to create a Winslow/Phoenix vid to that (GLEN CAMPBELL) song. Thanks.