Monday, September 26, 2011

Wide Open Spaces

One thing I love so much about the United States is that we have an abundance of wilderness area.  As much as I enjoy a cute little alpine village in Europe, there is nothing like the open space we have here.  You only have to drive two hours out of Phoenix and you can start a hike into the mountains and not see another person for quite a long while.

Dustin took us up to San Francisco Mountain today for a nice 10 mile hike that ended at a nearly 13,000ft summit.  We had a gorgeous view (which isn't represented in my photos :-( ) in all directions with Meteor Crater to our east and the Grand Canyon to our north.  It was difficult for this sea level monkey, but I had a great time with the boys up at the top where we were all a bit hypoxic and giggly.  We even managed a video-Skype call from the summit to Carlos to rub it in a bit ;-)


Anonymous said... of my *Favorite* hikes in Arizona!!!!!
I hope you guys are heading for the Grand Canyon, next!!!!
~Bouchi ;)

Bouchi said...

I would highly recommend checking out; 1-New Frontiers Natural Marketplace (1 of the best, healthiest grocery stores ever!) and 2-Macys European Coffeehouse, Bakery &Vegetarian Restaurant (they roast their own coffee beans and their food is to die for!)Flagstaff, Az.
~Bouchi ;)