Thursday, September 08, 2011

Day 5

Once again, a little improvement in conditions....slightly less stability today and apparently a great looking forecast for tomorrow and Saturday.  So, they called  a 97km task to the same goal as yesterday, but with a bit of dog leg further north.  Just heard that only Primoz made it in.  Jochen was about 30km short and Pedro just 11km short.  Haven't heard from Suan yet.

This might seal the win for Primoz.  Only two tasks remaining and I must leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow to start my long trek back to the US (via Liverpool)....I'll miss the end and I'll miss all my new Turkish friends.


Jan L said...

Thanks for the wonderfull pictures and reports. Have a good trek back.
Jan L. - belgium

Anonymous said...

Your photos are wonderfull and thanks for the news from Turkey. When you told me in St André you were going to Turkey in order to inform the pilots, you didn't expect that it would be such an aventure, did you?
Good fun in Arizona.
Françoise D-B