Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Day 3

Funny how one great day of flying can make you really fall in love with a place....and I wasn't even doing the flying!  (Yes, I know Gordon, I always say I love every place).  But it's true.  We got a bit of a respite from the stability and had a little 67km task to the southwest - as it turns out, a hugely undercalled task.  The boys had a fun flight with 500-700 ups and I got to check out the landscape outside this local area.  In many ways it reminds of southern California, like the Mojave Desert, without the Joshua Trees.

Looks like Jochen won the day just ahead of Primoz.  Suan, Pedro and Frank were all in goal with one very happy Turkish pilot.  The goal field was swarming with kids who loved to say CHEESE.

Little traffic problem on the way home from goal.

But we arrived back home in time to see the sunset behind the launch mountain.

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