Monday, September 05, 2011

Task 2

Like a few other places we've flown in Europe this summer, the stability plague seems to have hit here today.  The air was so stable the task committee (Primoz, Jochen and one Turkish pilot) decided a 32km task was all they could call.  Even then, Jochen and Pedro ended up in the bomb out field.  Jochen said he didn't make a single 360 during his flight.  Meanwhile, Primoz and Suan are just in goal now.

The meteo man here at the comp has quite a resume.  He has worked for the US military in Afganistan and is a full-time meteorologist here in Turkey.  His English is nearly perfect and I had a nice conversation with him on launch today.  He said that the change of seasons (end of summer to beginning of Autumn) typically brings the nicest and most unstable conditions for this area.  Unfortunately, the last few days' weather has been anything but typical (as we seem to have found all over Europe this summer).  I didn't want to jinx anything by asking him if things were expected to improved throughout the week, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, we're enjoying the Turkish hospitality and food....maybe Maria I a little too much!  We've also come in contact with some cool wildlife.

Jochen's advice for the day....better remove the ballast!

Bombing out isn't the worst that can happen though.


Davis Straub said...

Why don't we ever have to make excuses for the weather in Big Spring?

Jamie Shelden said...

Yes Davis, maybe we should have every single competition in Big Spring...from now till eternity ;-)

For me, one of the most amazing things about hang gliding competition is seeing places that we would never see but for hang gliding....Tolmin, Laragne, Ager, Kayseri. Although it's mostly about the flying, it's not ALL about the least not for me. If it was entirely about the flying conditions, we would hold all the comps in Big Spring and Forbes.

Anonymous said...

Well said Jamie ;-) good to hear you guys r having fun over there. Heather xxx

mart said...

Yeah, 50 hours on the train and then a glide to the bombout as a reward sounds great.pffff WOMEN !!

winDfried said...

I don´t understand what´s going on there.
They have a 10,000 ft volcano with a road up and then they launch barely 1,000 ft above the bombout ???
Please somebody explain this to me !
Thx, W.