Thursday, September 01, 2011

A good place to wash your hair, Liverpool - good, soft water.

It's fun to mosey around like a tourist sometimes.  This city is really beautiful when the sun shines...and there's music - especially Beatles music - everywhere.  They've put upright pianos all over the shopping area for anyone to play, anytime.   Every one I saw was being played...not pounded on by kids, but actually played, beautifully!

I walked all over town snapping pictures of just about everything, when all I really wanted was some shots of the poofy hairdos the girls wear here...but I was afraid if I tried to sneak any shots, I might get my ass kicked ;-)

Then I sat down for a break and waited nearly an hour to spot one of the humped zebras.  What a disappointment!


Anonymous said...

Hey Hun, I wonder what Gordon will make of them crossing the plaza.... in liverpool we can always amaze you, Just been voted the friendliest city in UK again... we can laugh with you - and at ourselves and give you a 'good hair day' Your tresses and dresses looked very chic.

gordon said...

shhh, I am actually a scouser once removed. Both my parents are scousers. But I try to keep it quiet.