Thursday, January 05, 2012

The Day in Clouds

Gorgeous sky today - in all directions.  I couldn't help stopping the car over and over again on the way to goal to hop out and shoot a few more.  I wish I could make them look through the lens, the way they look through my eyes.  Not necessarily ideal conditions for the perfect task, but they still managed to get one in, and a good one.  No one came into goal because things finally exploded just over it, but Jonny, Curt, Eduardo, Primoz and Rohan made it fairly close.  Curt and Eduardo landed in the same field and wrestled for the win.  Looks like Curt got it....along with a bit of mud all over his t-shirt.  


Julia said...

Incredible sky!

Anonymous said...

As always, thanks.
You have a great eye for the camera!

Anonymous said...

Great shots daughter of ours,we'll go there with you one day.