Saturday, January 07, 2012

Winning on the Sick

Big John took Jonny down to the hospital around 3am this morning.  Seemed he had the same stomach bug Big John was stricken with earlier in the week.  Big John had also spent a night in the Forbes hospital and it did him a world of good.  Overnight on an IV works wonders.  Anyway, it looked like Jonny wasn't going to make it out to today's task.  When I spoke to him around 10am he was still in terrible shape.  But, once the task was set, apparently Dave May called him up to make sure he knew the task was the very one Jonny had won two years ago.  He just couldn't resist giving it a try.  He called me at 12:35 to come get him out of the hospital - in his mind, there was no harm in trying.  

Well, there certainly was no harm in it.  Despite a rough start with Jonny radio'ing down to me that he was at 3000 ft over the field and was just going to head out on a death glide passed Forbes, the 3 liters they pumped in through his IV did the trick.  As the task went on, he gained enough energy to race through the course and perhaps win the day with a time of about 2 hours and 33 minutes (give or take).  He landed in pain, feeling completely spent, but I suspect he's back in the game!

Here are the ambulance drivers chatting with Jonny as he suited up to fly.

He landed with the IV patches still on his hands.

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