Sunday, July 28, 2013

Belgian Nationals/Catalan Cup - Day 1

It's been far too long since I've been in Ager and I'm getting lovely reminders every day of why this place is so great.  Today was the first task of the combined Belgian Nationals and Catalan Cup.  The weather predictions weren't great and in fact we briefed this morning at HQ in a bit of light rain.  Up at launch, the sky filled with gorgeous lenticulars.  But they called a nice little 58km task anyway and by the time launch opened, things looked much better.

The clouds looked like there were little devils in each one, stowed away, getting a free ride. If you've ever flown in Ager on a windy day, you would probably agree that there are nasty little demons in those clouds!

There were easily 40 or more pilots at goal - so obviously the task was a bit undercalled.  But, I don't think anyone minded.  Although there were quite a few less than ideal landings, this one - by a little Russian girl - was absolutely perfect.  Way to show the boys how it is supposed to be done!!

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