Thursday, July 04, 2013

Getting There

It's always fun arriving somewhere in the middle of the night with 24 hours of grime on you.  Sometimes travel can be so glamorous ;-).  The trip to Annecy was looooooooooong.  We started with a 4 hour drive to Ft. Myers to catch an Air Berlin flight because they're great about taking hang gliders.  Next leg was 9 and a half hour of flying to Duesseldorf, followed by an intentional 4 hour layover to give the baggage handlers plenty of time to get our gliders from one flight to the next.  But, when we boarded the flight to Munich, the plane was so tiny and the door to the baggage hold was so small that we knew there was no way the gliders would be coming with us on that flight.  Thankfully, we were very wrong - I don't know how on earth they got into that plane, but happily, they did and they arrived all in one piece in Munich.  We made the 6 hour drive from Munich to Annecy on a single tank of gas and a lot of fumes.  We realized we needed gas at nearly midnight and got a full tour of all the little streets of Annecy looking for an open gas station, preparing ourselves to roll the seats back and sleep in the car if we finally ran out.  Again, lucky for us we found fuel before the last of the fumes ran out.

But, enough whining.  We're here now and it's gorgeous even if the sky is full of clouds at the moment.  It is meant to clear off late this afternoon and hopefully we'll get our first fly in.  A day of light rain gave us time to un-short-pack the gliders and get settled in to our little apartment we're sharing with Dave and Kathryn.  A nice French dinner and one too many bottles of red last night and we're good to go!!

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