Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

I haven't had this much fun playing in the sand since Rainbow Beach!  The girls and I (and Kenny too) spent a few days at the dune last week and although it was nearly as overrun with jellyfish as Annecy, we loved it.  The dune is an awesome playground for hang gliders and paragliders, kite fliers and anyone who wants to get some sand between their toes.  It looks a bit like a giant rectangular (sloped) sandbox - about 500 meters wide by about 3km long - with an almost perfect rectangular footprint. Like Rainbow Beach, it's ideal for launching and landing over and over again - that's my favorite party anyway.  Jorj preferred to skim the dune, dragging her feet and hands to draw pictures in the sand.  

There's a flat area where you walk in that's perfect for glider setup.  Then you just walk out to the edge and off you go!

Thanks to the right wind conditions and the overall shape of the dune, for the most part the paragliders fly in one area and the hangies in another - there's a bit of mixing at the start, but they seem to be much more skilled pilots than most of those we came across in Annecy.  

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