Monday, June 29, 2015

Home for a bit....

I broke up the driving portion of my summer roadtrip by hopping a quick flight out to California for a bunch of family events (Amber's baptism, Ally's birthday and Dillon's graduation).  Sometimes- I don't know how- I forget what a cool family I have and how much I love spending time with them, even if I don't care much for California these days.  

My niece and nephew Emma and Dillon took me for a hike in a new National Park near my hometown.  The park isn't new, my parents used to take us hiking there when I was a kid, but it's been newly named as a national park.  We wanted to find rattlesnakes.  The adults warned us that there were heaps of them there and that we should be very careful.  They weren't joking.  Emma and I stepped right over the top on one sunning itself in the middle of the narrow trail.  We would never have seen it had Dillon and his keen eye not spotted it.  We also saw California condors, an amazing huge lizard (some variety I had never seen in California) and many other birds of cool varieties.  

Back on the road, I'm missing my family. 

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