Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Road Trip

I feel like I'm on summer vacation - I suppose because I am, but also because it feels like the kind of trip my family used to take on summer break when I was a kid - loading up the car and getting out on the road driving across the country.  I blame my parents for my overdeveloped sense of adventure....and for that, I am also eternally grateful.

There is this constant tension between longing for home and the tug of the open road.  So, after a month at home, I set off from Florida about two weeks ago, bound (ultimately) for the Canadian Nationals at Lumby, BC.

I've been called a beach girl more than a few times in recent months, so I started the trip off with a tour up the east coast from Satellite Beach with a plan to check out every nice looking beach between Satellite  and Kitty Hawk.  Although the beaches are not even a tiny bit similar, it reminded me of my drive up the east coast of Australia last November.  There are so many more cool beaches than I ever realized between Florida and Virginia.  I spent several days sleeping next to the beach and waking up in the morning going for an early run then a swim in the ocean.  I even had a lovely swim in the water off Oak Island, South Carolina where the sharks were thankfully not as hungry as they have become in the last few days.

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