Monday, March 27, 2017

Valadares Day 2

Weather isn't exactly looking beautiful for Day 2.  Thunderstorms and a bit of rain are in the forecast, but relatively small chance and off and on throughout the day.  The organizers initially said they would hold on going up to launch until 10am, but the pilots tended to be more optimistic and most came up anyway.

It's a bit grey, but the sun is peeking through here and there and they have set a interesting one.  There will be a 30km exit radius on the start and pilots need only leave the start and come back to the goal field.  They can go any direction.  It should be pretty fun to watch and see who follows whom!

David Brito Filho was yesterday's winner - not Andre as I reported earlier on Facebook - owing entirely to his leading points.  Andre and Jonny were second and third.  There's a good sport class here and young Guilherme Sandoli (Neno Rotor Jr. ;-) won yesterday's tasks.  He's one to watch!!

Daily scores can be found HERE.  

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